Word of the Day: Tavolo

Tavolo = Table

Tavolo means table in Italian! This word will be used a lot where you live. The Italian culture centers around food, so the dining room table (Tavolo della sala da pranzo) is talked about often.

Word of the Day: Pasta

Pasta = Pasta

Pasta means, well, pasta in Italian! I thought I would give you an easy one today. If you want to cook pasta one night with a roommate and you don’t know where the pasta is, you can ask,
“Dove è la pasta?”

Word of the Day: Caffè

Caffè = Coffee

Caffè means coffee in Italian. You can ask, “May I have a coffee?” Or in Italian you say, “Posso avere un caffè?” Italians love their coffee so it is important that get this down. If you don’t drink coffee, it is still good to know. Someone might ask you if you have guests where you stay!

Word of the Day: Cucina

Cucina = Kitchen

Cucina means kitchen in Italian. You can ask, “Where is the kitchen?” Or in Italian you say, “Dov’è la cucina?” I don’t know about you, but this makes me hungry! Vado in cucina!