Brand Story

Bridging the Gap: Midwest America Meets Milan

Hello Lingua Brand Story: John & Tim Dahl

What happens when two Minnesota brothers get a taste of Italy? Hello Lingua is Born.

A desire to not just learn Italian vocabulary, but to really learn the language, took Tim Dahl from his Minnesota hometown to small town Italy. Taking teaching positions around the country, Tim traveled to and from Gallarate, Parabiago, Bologna, Roma, and Milano.

Having only studied Italian in a typical classroom setting, he quickly realized that classroom knowledge isn’t always easily applied to real-life situations. Small conversations, he discovered, surpassed his skills and he quickly knew that he needed to learn the language differently – and fast.

Real language learning is done by mimicking real life interactions. It goes beyond vocabulary flashcards and multiple choice quizzes.

Designed to replicate a real-world environment, Hello Lingua was created to fill the gap in the world of teaching foreign language.

Tim, a published author and English teacher, joined forces with his brother John, a website developer and designer, to create the ultimate language learning experience – one that really works.

Combining comprehensive interactive lessons that require you to listen and speak with real-speed conversations and dialogues from native Italians, Hello Lingua doesn’t just prepare you to pass a test – it prepares you to travel and live in Italy.

Hello Lingua isn’t just about learning Italian, it’s about learning to LIVE in Italian.